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The Legacy Rugged PDA Device

Rugged Mobile Computer Tips from Rugged and Mobile Ltd

Rugged Android Smartphone

Rugged handhelds

Rugged and Mobile is here to help you find the right rugged mobile handheld computer for your mobile enterprise mobility needs. Choose Windows embedded or Android based platforms, PDA, handheld, compact, small or lightweight device form factors or a rugged device with IP54 or above. Here's where you start to find the best handheld for your mobile workers.

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Rugged Handhelds

These are rugged devices focused on retail, warehousing and depot applications. Strong WiFi keeps you connected, specialised form factors and keypads are optimised for intensive barcode scanning whilst long range barcode and UHF RFID scanners help fork lift drivers.

Rugged PDAs

The classic rugged device for the "Field mobile worker." These PDA devices are optimised for use whilst on the move with phone, 3G and GPS to keep you connected, barcode & RFID readers and cameras to capture data and familiar numeric or qwerty keypads optimised for text input.

Rugged Android PDA

Driven by the worlds most popular mobile operating system, Android based devices bring a whole new level of innovation to the rugged mobile table. Choose a more classic Android rugged PDA design or a more modern "smartphone" style form factor but know your devices are rugged.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Rugged, Windows Mobile based but they look like smartphones, these rugged devices are perfect for enterprise solutions looking for a smartphone style form factor. With built in barcode scanners and all the features you could ask for, many of these PDA's can be configured to suit many different scenarios.

Mobile EPOS Terminals

Allowing businesses to take payments anywhere the mobile electronic point of sale device is designed to improve customer service. Credit card mag strip, chip & pin or RFID/NFC tap readers, payments can be taken quickly, whilst the built in thermal printer can print off receipts on demand. PCI versions take care of payment security.

Best Value

Not cheap but rugged devices that are affordable and suit a lower budget. Prices are lower for a number of reasons, maybe these are semi-rugged, highly configurable or simply a great value brand. Most of our best value PDA range still enjoy our best support products.

Small Rugged PDA

PDA devices but they're just smaller! These handhelds are still fully rugged, have full keypads, built in barcode scanners and all the features that a rugged PDA has but in a smaller, slimmer or more compact design.