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Providing a, tried and trusted set of rugged mobile computing brands.

Everything you need to know about rugged Hardware!

The rugged handheld is where we grew from so we know a lot about hardware. Whatever your rugged computing problem is we can solve it.

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Don't know your "Rugged handheld PDA" from your "Rugged Smartphone", then start here.

Rugged Hardware

Rugged Handhelds

The heart of most mobile workforce solutions. The rugged handheld computer comes in all shapes and sizes optimized for different data capture scenarios.

Rugged Mobile Tablet

Rugged Tablet PC's

Rugged tablet computers typically have larger 7" to 12"+ screens enabling better functionality that will give your users a complex field mobile tool.

Covertec Stud

Portable Printers

Whether printing receipts, barcodes, labels, RFID Cards or tickets on the move, rugged or mini printer styles, there'll be a mobile printer that suits your needs.

Our partner rugged hardware brands

What use is knowledge and expertise if we don't put it to use?

We've distilled the best rugged mobile brands into our hardware offering so you know you're getting quality, commitment and deep knowledge of them for years to come.

Rugged Partner Pidion
Rugged Partner Dotel
Rugged Partner Zebra
Rugged Partner Intermec
Rugged Partner Motorola
Rugged Partner Gen2Wave
Rugged Partner Gen2Wave

Service & Repair

The best repair services you'll find!

Fast mobile device repairs


Our warranty repairs went from 4 weeks to 5 days, it simply transformed our business...

Reliable rugged mobile support


Our team of trained technicians keep you up to date at every stage of your repair.

Mobile device support thats flexible

Mobile Friendly Portal

Check the status of your repair or chat with us on the move!

Support that communicates openly

Simple and flexible

Different levels of support to meet your hardware service needs.

Rugged Hardware Loans

Trying devices out before we bought reduced our risks by helping us choose the right device...

Try before you buy & find the right device without spending a penny!

Involve your users improving project commitment.

Work with experts who'll help you learn and understand.

We make choosing the hardware easy!

Rugged Hardware Loans

Bluetooth Barcode scanners

Rugged Hardware Loans
Barcoding for existing devices

You might have existing devices that are perfectly good. Extend their use by only buying a barcode csanner that will work with them.

Separate your risks

In this fast paced world, buying a bluetooth scanner means you can change your core rugged handhled device more frequently whilst keeping your scanner technology in place.


Because they're small and light, bluetooth barcode scanners allow you to scan in awkward or tight places.