We are Rugged and Mobile

We make rugged mobile deployments simple.

Rugged Mobile Devices

Simplifying device choice

There's simply too much choice so why not use our experience to guide you to the right rugged hardware for your business.

Product Expertise

When you talk to us, you don't talk to a sales person pushing you for numbers. Here you talk to a "RAMblr" who's technical, experienced and is already working with other projects.

We work out what you need and we try to deliver it.

Answering your questions

Rugged hardware can be complicated to configure so it's perfect for you. We have deep knowledge of the hardware, pricing and support available to give you the answers you're looking for.

Rugged Devices

Mobile is now multi OS...FACT!

3 mobile device operating systems, industry strength. Which one's for you?

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile

Old but dependable, still widely used on most rugged devices running in the enterprise today.



The most widely installed operating system in the world, Android is business ready.

Windows Embedded 8

Windows Embedded 8

The latest operating system from Microsoft, designed for business and enterprise.


Whether you have 1 or 1000 devices, you'll find a support service that matches your needs here.

Deployment Services

Making it easy to set-up, deploy and manage your mobile devices and enterprise apps running on them.

Mobile Deployment Service


Making sure devices are configured and hit the ground running.

Data Capture Expertise


Delivering expert data capture advice. Barcoding, RFID, data and more.

Android Robot Windows Mobile Icon

Mobile OS

Help choosing, configuring and building your mobile OS that your business needs.

3D Printed Accessories


Agile personalised accessory service. Low volume with fast turnaround.

Some of our latest work

Royal Mail Romec
PGA European Tour
Morning Foods

We've got the skills

There's a little more to it than a rugged mobile device, what about all the data capture issues?

Barcoding Expertise


We understand how to generate, print and scan barcodes.

NFC Expertise


Taking the mobile world by storm we build NFC enabled applications.

RFID Expertise


RFID is at the heart of modern enterprise Auto ID.

What's on our mind

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