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Rugged Mobile Enterprise Solutions

We are Mobile Data Capture experts who consult, build and support rugged mobile platforms.

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Deep data capture expertise

Our knowledge = reduced risks for you

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Fast, efficient repair centre and support services

Rugged PDA, tablet and printer support that's fast, simple to use and designed to keep your business running.

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We work with awsome brands

We're constantly working with some of the best known brands around.

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Security and maintenance with G4S

See how we help the worlds biggest security company with their rugged handheld PDA's.

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Keeping Romec's workforce mobilised

Helping to keep Royal Mail sites clean, tidy and well maintained.

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Software ISV
We take the mobile hardware pain away so you can focus on software delivery. Support, exactly how you need it.
Small Business
We deliver 10 device platforms the same way as we do 600. Build your mobile platform knowing we have your back covered.
Large Enterprise
We serve lots of large brands, building complex managed services to keep large mobile platforms running.
Typical Customers
  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - Field mobile
  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - Events & Ticketing
  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - Meter reading
  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - Housing maintenance
  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - Courier & Logistics

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